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e-volv is positioned to provide industry requested improvements to electricity transmission and distribution. Since global power consumption is more than 20% electricity-based and this percentage is growing, these improvements are significant to our standard of living. The following table highlights impacts from individuals to industries.

Economic Defense Science Environment
residential grid security fusion research promote renewables
industrial technology particle physics CO2 reduction



What makes our cables so much better than conventional cables is our manufacturing innovation enabling a complex wound core made from advanced superconductors (HTS). Previously, these superconducting materials have been too fragile for conventional derived winding processes to yield commercially reliable output. With the support of the US Department of Energy and the National Science Foundation, we have created and demonstrated a new winding process and are now scaling this demonstration into a manufacturing capability. Our cable cores (the conducting, power delivery portion of a cable) require liquid nitrogen cooling which is easy and inexpensive to make and handle and can be generated on site.

Engineering Innovation

Innovation in power delivery cables has been accomplished with 3 differentiating elements.

Team World class talent has created and sells the most compact superconducting application (and it’s mobile… and on a rocket)
Tool Leverage internationally patented winding equipment developed by Infinity Physics
Technology Continuous development through knowledge of superconductors and commercialization


This combination is driving a significant lead in capabilities over competing solutions.

Compared with conventional conductor cables Compared with competing superconductor cables
Superconductors provide much more power per cable and deliver the power with no loss. From retrofitting crowded utility conduits to passing power on a smart grid to handling giant pulses of electricity for the CERN Large Hadron Collider, some applications especially benefit from new superconductor solutions. Our cables provide improved reliability and only our solution can deliver AC power over long distances. These qualities are essential when used for a utility power grid.



Power Generation Sources shows the relationship of higher transmission losses with conventional cables in states using more renewable energy sources.
US Power Grid shows power corridors and attachments to generation sources.
Grid Optimization discusses coming investment in the power grid.