New Materials

Advances in materials make cables
1/10th size and 100% efficient

Convergence of conductor improvements, cooling systems, and cable undergrounding equipment establish an awaited opportunity.

Cable Fabrication

We developed winding tooling from the ground up to handle fragile new materials and configurations supporting the AC grid.

Patented technology automates cable winding for rapid, reliable output.


Lower Total Lifetime Cost 50%
Lowered CO2 Generation 3-50%
Enables New Grid Demands
  • remote generation
  • smart grid
  • Compliance with
  • New Regulations
    • reliability
    • visual blight
    • vegetation
    • RoW
    • EMF
    • wildlife

    Global Need

    World electricity consumption is predicted to double by 2040
    Existing grid is at capacity and end of life

    Renewable energy generation sources often require longer transmission distances
    New regulations demand reduction in outages, visual impact, EMF, and defoliant chemicals


    Research reviewers and customers are excited